Pike Street Auctions

About Us

We are an advisory firm focused on commercial real estate and the experience & lifestyle it creates. Pike Street Properties acquires, develops, and manages real estate assets. We provide strategic direction and a comprehensive range of advisory services.

In addition to traditional sales we also offer our clients an Accelerated Marketing Program. AMP ® utilizes the cutting-edge technology of FRE.com which delivers an alternative sales option in a fair, transparent and secure process. The advertising campaign created for each client is personalized and laser-focused to attract the largest number of motivated potential buyers. Properties marketed using AMP are typically sold in less than 90 days.


Pike Street Auctions Representative
Bob Waun
Phone: +1 248 722 9286
Email: bob@pikestreetproperties.com
Pike Street Auctions Representative
Alisha Lange
Phone: +1 949 706 6129
Email: alange@fre.com